The Dixon Group

Research in the Dixon lab is centred on the development of new, broadly useful, synthetic methodologies and their application to the synthesis of molecules of importance in nature, biology, medicine and materials science. We design and deploy new multifunctional cooperative catalysts and catalytic systems to uncover new reactivity, and our interests span curiosity-driven to target-driven research themes.

If you are interested in finding out more about our research, or indeed in joining the group, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing Darren (

Group News

September 2019
Congratulations to Pablo, Thomas and Lan-Gui, whose papers were all featured in this month's most read articles in Org Lett.
August 2019
Welcome to Haibin, who is joining us from Pharmaron for a Post Doc.
July 2019
Congratulations to Sam on passing his viva! Dr Ellis will begin working with Pharmaron later this year.
June 2019
This month we say goodbye to our Part IIs Ben, Molly and Jack. Molly will be joining the Aggarwal group in Bristol, Jack will be heading across the pond to join the Sarpong group at UC Berkeley, and Ben will be returning to Oxford to join the SBM CDT.
June 2019
Welcome to Riccardo and Naoto, who will be with us over the summer. Riccardo is joining us from the University of Florence, and Naoto from Nagoya University, Japan.