The Dixon Group

Research in the Dixon lab is centred on the development of new, broadly useful, synthetic methodologies and their application to the synthesis molecules of importance in nature, biology, medicine and material science. We design and deploy new multifunctional cooperative catalysts and catalytic systems to uncover new reactivity and our interests span curiosity driven to target driven research themes.

Group News

January 2019 This month we say goodbye to Julia, who worked with us as a postdoc on natural product synthesis and methodology.
October 2018 Congratulations to Yao on winning a prize for his talk at the AstraZeneca-sponsored Organic Chemistry Symposium!
October 2018 This month we are joined by new Part II students Ben, Jack, and Molly, and new DPhil students Guanglong and Ken!
September 2018 This month we are joined by visiting students Bran and Mirxan!
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