October 2017
Welcome! Welcome to the group to our new part II students Eve, Nikita, and Jack.
Eve Carter Nikita Chekshin Jack Rogers

September 2017
Photoredox catalysis Allegra and Tonia's paper on the use of photoredox catalysis to carry out alpha alkylation of ketimines is out now!
Congratulations! Congratulations to Allegra, who has compeleted her DPhil in the Dixon group. Allegra's work included the development of the enantio- and diastereoselective Mannich reaction between isocyanoacetates and ketimines, and the enantioselective synthesis of chloramphenicol via a silver-catalysed asymmetric isocyanoacetate aldol reaction.
Allegra Franchino
Welcome! Welcome to the group to new DPhil students Jonny and Michele, who are joining us as part of the Synthesis for Biology and Medicine CDT.
Jonny Golec Michele Formica

August 2017
Goodbyes! Goodbye to both Joanne and Ioannis, who have been visiting students with us for the last six months, and to Geoffroy, who has been with us for the last year. We wish them all the best and look forward to publishing their work soon!

July 2017
Congratulations! Congratulations to Milo, who has completed his part II year in the Dixon group!
Milo Smith

June 2017
Welcome to our new postdocs Shinya Shiomi and Lin Zhang, and visiting student Zeng Rong Wong, who is joining us from Nanyang University.
Shinya Shiomi Lin Zhang Zeng Rong Wong
Congratulations! Congratulations to Adam, who has passed his DPhil viva! Adam's work in the group was focussed on the development of a novel enantioselective desymmetrisation methodology, which was later applied to the enantioselective construction of the pentacyclic core of the strychnos alkaloids.
Adam Gammack

May 2017
SBM CDT Students This month we are joined by Jonny and Oskar for their four month rotations in the Dixon group. Welcome!
Jonny Golec Oskar Hoff

April 2017
Talk Prize Congratulations to Allegra for winning first prize at the 28th SCI Regional Postgraduate Symposium on Novel Organic Chemistry for her work on “asymmetric catalysis for the activation of functionalised isonitriles”.

March 2017
Strychnos Alkaloids! Adam’s paper on the enantioselective construction of the ABCDE pentacyclic core of the Strychnos alkaloids core is out now.
Fully Funded PhD Studentship Available! A fully funded PhD studentship on the development of new catalytic methodology for the construction of pharmaceutically relevant amines and heterocyclic structures is available. Please get in touch if you are interested!
Very Important Paper Angel and Elena’s paper on the “Iridium-Catalyzed Reductive Strecker Reaction for Late-Stage Amide and Lactam Cyanation” is out now.

February 2017
SBM CDT Students This month we are joined by Antoine and Michele for their four month rotations in the Dixon group. Welcome!

January 2017
New Paper Moses’ paper on the “Discovery of a PCAF Bromodomain Chemical Probe” is out now.

December 2016
New Paper Angel and Felix’s paper on “Umpolung synthesis of branched a-functionalized amines from imines via photocatalytic three-component reductive coupling reactions” is out now.
Poster Prize! Congratulations to Elena, winning the Late Stage Functionalisation conference poster prize!
Synfacts Peng Wen’s paper on the total synthesis of Aspidosperma alkaloids has been highlighted in Synfacts.
Synfacts Jinchao and Alistair’s paper on the thiourea-catalysed Michael addition has been highlighted in Synfacts.

October 2016
Prizes! Sam and Yao receive Eli Lilly prize for their 1st year transfer reports – well done!
Just Accepted! Jinchao, Moses, and Pengwen have all had papers accepted this month.
Front Cover! Sam’s review on Organocatalytic Enantioselective Desymmetrisation is featured on the inside front cover of Chem Soc Rev.
New Starters! We are joined by Milo, a part II student from Brasenose college, Tonia, a visiting student from the University of Bari, Geoffroy, a visiting academic from the University of Paris Descartes, and Vasu, a Marie–Curie postdoc. SBM CDT students Pablo and Peter are also joining the group as DPhil students!